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Now the time is 4/24/2024 7:32:31 AM

Dear all tippers, Today you are the 1/22827 gourmet!




Amancaya Bd R Lafite Gran Reserve 2006 AR. C1A2T2F2(13g01)
Elena De Mendoza Red Blend 2010 AR. C2A2T1F2(13A25)
Intis( Sun God) 2011 AR. C1A1T1F1(13i25)
La Puerta Alta 2010 AR. C2A2T2F2(11k05)
Montes Kaiken Malbec AR. CATF(ymd)
Perlita Malbec Syrah 2011 AR. C2A1T2F1(13l07)
Zorzal Terroir Unico Malbec 2013 AR. C2A3T3F2(14j02)
Mi Terruno 2009 AR.Mendoza C2A2T2F2(12K12)
Montes Kaiken Cab Sau 2009 AR.Mendoza C1A1T2F1(11L26)
Obra Prima Malbec 2011 AR.Mendoza C2A2T2F2(14k07)
Banrock Station Semillon Chardonnay AU. C1A1T1F0(13k22)
Carlo Rossi Red Moscato AU. C1A2T1F1(12l21)
Cassegrain Q Cab Sau Merlot 2011 AU. C2A1T2F2(13c03)
d Arenberg Red Ochre G S M 2011 AU. C2A1T1F1(14b14)
Deen De Bortoli Vat5 Botrytis Semillon AU. C2A1T1F1(14j04)
Elderton Friends Vineyard Series Cab Sau 2011 AU. C2A2T3F2(14f21)
Hermits Hill Botrytis Semillon 2008 AU. CATF(ymd)
Odd Socks Sweet As Moscato 2012 AU. C1A2T2F1(14e28)
Tarot Alpha Box N Dice 2011 AU. CATF(ymd)
Tasmania Pinot Noir 2010 AU. C1A2T1F2(13j01)
Tatachilla Cab Sau Shiraz 2010 AU. C2A1T1F0(13l07)
Taylor Shiraz 2010 AU. C2A2T1F2(12L08)
Abtao Gran Reserve Cab Sau 2011 CL. C1A2T1F2(14d05)
Abtao Reserve Cab Sau 2011 CL. C2A2T1F1(14a06)
Chilcas Carmenere 2012 CL. C2A2T1F2(13f01)
Cono Sur 20 Barrels Pinot Noir 2009 CL. C2A2T1F2(13d18)
Cono Sur Bicicleta Cab Sau CL. C1A2T1F1(14e11)
Cono Sur Cosecha Noble Late Riesling 2012 CL. CATF(ymd)
Los Vascos Bd R Lafite CL. C2A2T1F1(13f08)
Los Vascos Bd R Lafite Gran Reserve 2009 CL. C2A2T2F2(12l26)
Los Vascos Le Dix Bd R Lafite 2009 CL. C2A2T2F2(13d10)
Montes Alpha Cab Sau 2006 CL. C2A2T2F2(13A30)
Montes Classic Cab Sau CL. C2A1T2F2(13f15)
Montes Classic Sau Blanc CL. C1A2T1F1(14j26)
Morande Sp House Of Morande 2008 CL. C2A3T3F2(13K09)
Root1 Cab Sau 2012 CL. C1A2T1F1(14e31)
Cono Sur Reserva Esp Pinot Noir 2013 CL.CasablancaValley
Morande Pionero Pinot Noir 2012 CL.CasablancaValley
Valle Andino Reserva Carmenere 2009 CL.Colchagua C2A1T2F2(13i20)
Montes Purple Angel CL.ColchaguaValley
Santa Rita C X X Cab Sau CL.ValleCentral C1A2T2F1(14a25)
Santa Rita C X X Carmenere CL.ValleCentral C2A2T1F2(13f28)
Chang Yu 1995 CN. C2A1T2F1(07B04)
Easts King 1998 CN. C1A1T2F2(07B22)
Great Wall Dry Red CN. C1A1T2F1(13k14)
Great Wall Dry Red Cab Sau CN. C2A1T2F1(13g04)
Mo Gao Ice Wine CN. C1A2T2F1(13j01)
Mou Tai Dry Red CN. C2A2T3F2(14g01)
Ocean Blue Dream52 C海蓝之梦 CN.JiangSu CA2T2F2(14j26)
Yi Yuan Grace Vineyard Sonata 2010 CN.ShanXi C1A2T2F1(14e28)
Wu Liang Ye52 C五粮液 CN.SiChuan C2A2T3F3(14k07)
Funf5 Moscato DE. C1A2T2F2(13b16)
Rheinhessen Spatlese 2012 DE. C2A2T1F1(13f06)
Beso De Vino Seleccion 2011 ES. C2A2T2F1(13k05)
Situh Jumilla 2012 ES. C1A1T1F1(13h13)
Torres Floralis Moscatel Oro ES. C2A1T3F2(14h18)
Protos Reserva 2009 ES.RiberaDelDuero C2A2T2F2(14e28)
Herederos Del Marques De Riscal Gran Reserva 2005 ES.Rioja C2A3T3F2(14e28)
Vina Valoria Gran Reserva 1999 ES.Rioja C2A2T2F2(13d06)
Robert Klingenfus Pinot Noir 2008 FR.Alsace C1A2T2F2(13e03)
Ch Bire Bordeaux Superieur 2010 FR.AOC C2A3T1F1(14e17)
Ch Croix Mouton Jpj 2011 FR.AOCBordeauxSuperieur C2A1T1F2(13l25)
Ch Du Pape Les Oteliees 2007 FR.AOCChDuPape C2A2T2F2(13i20)
Jean Maurice Raffault Le Puy 2011 FR.AOCChinonLoire C1A2T1F2(14e28)
Jean Valestrel Rose 2011 FR.AOCCotesDeProvence C1A2T1F(13l04)
Ch Maderot 2010 FR.AOCGraves CATF(14md)
La Closerie De Camensac(5eme) 2007 FR.AOCHautMedoc C2A2T2F2(14e26)
Ch Du Rocher 2012 FR.AOCLoupiac C1A0T1F0(14k02)
Ch Beausite Haut Vignoble Cru Bourgeois 2000 FR.AOCStEstephe C2A2T2F2(13d06)
Ch Bel Air De L Orme Bordeaux Superieur 2010 FR.AOP C2A1T2F1(14C28)
Joseph Castan 2013 FR.AOPCostieresDeNimesLanguedoc C1A2T2F1(14k07)
Ch De Liret 2009 FR.Bordeaux C1A2T1F2(13i20)
Ch Latour Camblanes 2009 FR.Bordeaux C2A2T2F2(13h10)
Mayne Durege 2009 FR.Bordeaux C2A2T1F1(13i16)
Saga Lafite Bd R 2010 FR.Bordeaux C2A2T2F2(13c26)
Le Bordeaux De Maucaillou 2008 FR.BordeauxS C2A2T1F2(13h07)
Louis Latour Ardeche Chardonnay 2007 FR.Burgundy CATF(ymd)
Nuits St Georges Aux Bas De Combe D J T 2007 FR.Burgundy C2A2T3F2(13k09)
Sebastien Roux Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2011 FR.Burgundy C1A1T1F0(14d19)
Rully1st Cru 2010 FR.Burgundy1C C2A3T3F2(13K09)
Ch Ampelia 2010 FR.Castillon C2A2T2F1(14f21)
La Jarousse 1990 FR.Castillon C1A1T2F2(11J01)
Domaine De Bel Air 2011 FR.CdRhone C2A3T2F2(14g01)
Ch De Madere 2001 FR.CeronsSauternais C2A3T2F3(13i20)
Vosne Romanee 2008 FR.ChanzyBurgundy CATF(14md)
Joseph Castan Ch Du Pape 2010 FR.ChDuPape C2A3T3F2(14k07)
Castelmaure[ Map] 2011 FR.Corbieres C2A2T1F2(13g13)
Castelmaure La Pompadour[ Map] 2011 FR.Corbieres CATF(ymd)
Castelmaure No3[ Map] 2011 FR.Corbieres CATF(ymd)
Ch Camp De La Val 2011 FR.Corbieres C2A2T2F2(14d08)
Ch D Aussieres Bd R 2010 FR.Corbieres C2A2T2F2(14e28)
Ch De Caraguilhes Prestige 2009 FR.Corbieres C2A2T2F2(13K09)
Ch Denat 2011 FR.Corbieres C2A2T1F2(14b02)
Ch De Vaugelas 2010 FR.Corbieres C2A2T1F2(13i19)
Ch Vangelas 2008 FR.Corbieres C2A2T2F1(14k07)
Ch Vaugelas 2010 FR.CorbieresCP C2A2T1F2(13h10)
Ch Grand Terrier 2000 FR.CotesDeBlaye C2A2T3F2(13B16)
Ch Segonzac 2008 FR.CotesDeBlayeCB C2A3T2F2(14A18)
Ch De La Riviere 2010 FR.Fronsac C2A2T3F2(14e28)
Ch Moulin Haut Laroque 2010 FR.Fronsac C2A2T3F3(14e28)
Ch De Carolle 2007 FR.Graves C1A2T2F1(13j14)
Ch Smith Havt Lafitte 1982 FR.Graves C3A3T3F3(11J02)
Ch Charmail Cru Bourgeois 2010 FR.HautMedoc C2A3T2F2(13k15)
Ch Clement Pichon Cru Bourgeois Superieur 2004 FR.HautMedoc C2A2T2F2(13A30)
Le Haut Medoc De Giscours[渔美人] 2009 FR.HautMedoc C2A2T2F2(13i20)
Abbaye Des Monges Augustine 2012 FR.Languedoc C2A2T2F2(14e28)
Ch St Pierre La Garrigue Clape 2011 FR.Languedoc C2A1T1F1(14d19)
Domaine De Nizas G S M 2009 FR.Languedoc CATF(ymd)
Du Parc 2006 FR.Languedoc C1A2T1F1(09G12)
Montagnac Cab Sau 2009 FR.Languedoc C1A2T1F1(14e12)
Domaine Ogereau Coteaux Layon St Lambert 2009 FR.Loire CATF(14md)
Domaine La FR.Malepere
Ch Brane Cantenac 1993 FR.Margaux C3A3T3F3(12b12)
Le Cloitre Prieure Lichine 2004 FR.Margaux C1A3T2F2(13E03)
Ch Greysac Cru Bourgeois Superieur 2002 FR.Medoc C2A2T1F2(13g01)
Goulee 2005 FR.Medoc C2A3T2F2(13d06)
Pavillon De La Brie 2011 FR.Monbazillac C1A1T2F2(14C24)
Ch Rose Cantegrit 1997 FR.MoulisEnMedoc C1A3T3F2(14f02)
Ch Pauillac 2008 FR.Pauillac C1A2T2F1(13J01)
Ch La Garde 2001 FR.PessacLeognan C2A2T2F2(13g01)
La Reserve De Malartic 2010 FR.PessacLeognan CATF(ymd)
Domaine Bunan 2008 FR.Provence CATF(ymd)
A Cuvee Mathilde( Dd L Amandine) 2011 FR.Rhone C1A2T1F1(13i06)
Crozes Hermitage 2011 FR.Rhone C1A1T2F1(13l26)
Mas Des Bressades C T Rouge 2012 FR.Rhone C1A2T2F2(14j18)
Vignobles Des Sablons 2011 FR.Rhone C1A1T1F1(14a15)
Ch Partarrieu 2011 FR.Sauternes C2A2T2F2(13l26)
Christian Moueix 2009 FR.StEmilion C1A1T1F1(13j01)
Angelique De Monbousquet 2008 FR.StEmilionGC C1A2T2F1(14j02)
Ch La Commanderie 2005 FR.StEmilionGC C2A2T2F2(13d06)
Connetable Talbot 2010 FR.StJulien CATF(13md)
Croix De Beaucaillou(2eme) 2003 FR.StJulien C1A2T1F2(12b12)
La Cuvee Mythique[ Owl] 2009 FR.VDPLanguedoc C2A2T2F2(13h28)
Oustric Cab Sau Bernard Magrez 2011 FR.VDPLanguedoc C1A1T2F2(13e11)
Prima Bolla Reggiano IT. C1A2T2F1(13j19)
Tommasi Graticcio Appassimento 2011 IT. C2A2T2F2(13k05)
Tenuta San Jacopo Poggio Ai Grilli 2009 IT.Chianti C2A2T1F2(14k07)
Tenuta San Jacopo Poggio Ai Grilli Riserva 2008 IT.Chianti C2A2T2F2(14k07)
Villa Canestrari Plenum1888 Riserva 2006 IT.DOCGAmarone C2A2T2F2(14e28)
Villalta Classico 2008 IT.DOCGAmarone CATF(ymd)
Castellare Di Castellina 2010 IT.DOCGChianti C1A2T2F2(13d06)
Coli 2010 IT.DOCGChianti C1A2T2F1(13G09)
Il Colombaio Contessa Ava Sangiovese 2008 IT.DOCGChianti C1A2T2F1(14k07)
Il Colombaio San Cirino 2006 IT.DOCGChianti C1A2T2F2(14k07)
Lupi Reali Montepuliciano D Abruzzo 2013 IT.DOCGTuscany CATF(14mdd)
Tinorso Merlot Syrah 2009 IT.ICTChianti C2A2T2F2(13K09)
Nero D Avola 2010 IT.IGTSicilia CATF(ymd)
Dainero 2009 IT.IGTToscana C2A2T1F1(14g01)
Fossato Cab Sau 2008 IT.IGTVeneto C1A2T1F0(13H21)
Brugnano V90 IT.Sicilia C2A3T2F2(11k05)
Villa Mura Sartori IT.Valpolicella C2A1T2F2(14f03)
900 Grapes Pinot Noir 2012 NZ. CATF(ymd)
900 Grapes Sau Blanc 2012 NZ. C1A2T2F1(14f21)
Essenze Pinot Noir 2011 NZ. C1A1T2F1(13k01)
Squealing Pig Pinot Noir 2011 NZ. CATF(ymd)
Squealing Pig Sau Blanc 2012 NZ. C1A2T2F2(14f21)
Capoeira Tejo 2009 PT. C1A1T2F2(13F12)
Cardeal Dao PT. C2A1T2F2(12K21)
Marques De Marialva Gran Reserve 2008 PT. C2A2T2F2(13K09)
Vale De Lobos[狼谷] 2011 PT.DOCTinto C1A1T1F1(13K09)
Dark Horse Cab Sau 2011 US.California C1A2T1F1(13l07)
Mirassou Riesling US.California CATF(ymd)
Ravens Wood Zinfandel 2010 US.California C2A1T2F2(13i23)
Sequin Mascato 2011 US.California C1A2T2F1(13l07)
Sequin Pinot Grigio 2011 US.California C1A2T2F1(13l07)
Fox Run Pinot Noir 2009 US.NewYork C2A2T2F2(13k09)
Palmer Cab Franc 2010 US.NewYork C2A2T2F2(14k07)
Louis Martini Cab Sau 2012 US.Sonoma C1A1T2F2(14a07)
Alta Casa ZA. C1A2T1F2(13H05)
Franschhoek Cellar Churchyard Cab Sau 2011 ZA. C1A2T2F1(14D13)
Kumala Merlot Pinotage 2012 ZA. C1A0T1F0(13j27)
Nederburg Shiraz 2010 ZA. C1A1T1F1mineral(13e25)
Nederburg W M Reserve Sp Late Harvest 2012 ZA. C1A1T2(13j05)
Obikwa Cab Sau ZA. C2A2T1F1(13j14)
Oude Kaap Cab Sau ZA. C1A2T1F1(14e22)
Reyneke Shiraz 2011 ZA. C1A1T1F1mineral(13d06)
Rupert N Rothschild Classique 2011 ZA. CATF(ymd)
Sprizzo Rose 2011 ZA. C1A1T2F1(13j26)
Stellenrust Chenin D Muscat ZA. C1A2T2F2(13K09)

Thanks to all friends & relatives, we have drunk above wines, and more coming...

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