"Love of No Reserve" 『天作之盒』主題曲 - "愛是不保留"英文版
Lyric by Ms. Queenie Lo 2005.5 (Copyright reserved)

I've always been told love won't last long
Nowhere can one find eternal love
They never care how long love will go on
Just a moment, it slips away 

But I believe in eternal love 
Being with you is all I wish 
You never know why, love is beyond words 
No matter when, it is still there

Who suffered for us and carried the holy cross
The greatest love is all seen in Jesus' hands
See, blood is proving love of no reserve
Everlasting love until the end of time

Wishing I could give my whole life to the Lord
Your arms are opening wide to hold me close
I'll never find another one like you
Setting my soul free with praise and love